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Minted Alpha 9
a decentralized full-featured launchpad dapp for launching fully automated NFT/Token minting, swapping (run a token sale), and auction campaigns. in other words an "NFT Minting/Swapping Machine"
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Following is a partial feature list of what's in Minted9s Alpha dApp. To see what additional features are in development, join us on Discord and keep an eye out for our roadmap which you can find here: MintedWithLovelace 2022 Roadmap.
Run a fully automated mint-on-demand NFT sale (or live onchain auction) directly from your computer and with full ownership over the wallet/keys. When anyone sends the specified amount, one of your NFTs will mint immediately at their address. You can even add tx-related data to the metadata on-the-fly, such as the buyers address embedded into html or attribute. Most of the following features are related to this broad feature.
Minted9s introduces the ability to setup and launch a token sale with an existing token, or mint your token and then setup an automated token sale...all in about 5 minutes. With Swappables you can also create and launch an automated on-chain auction of an existing NFT (or mint one first and then launch the auction).
Minted runs on "autopilot", managing all incoming transactions to your campaign wallet according to your campaign settings, refunding when necessary, minting when conditions are met, and even "gracefully" ending the campaign, providing automated refunds and any change in NFT count offsets for the final mint.
Run a campaign which mints a set number of NFTs per payment received, or choose a dynamic quantity option, where NFT quantity minted dynamically adjusts based on amount of payment received, any overpayment is returned automatically.
Minted batches transactions for improved performance, e.g. 20 payments arrive at your campaign address, Minted will mint-to as many as it can fit into a single transaction batch, saving on fees and time.
Blacklisting allows you to configure a campaign to limit payments received, adding payers to a blacklist once they've reached the limit. This feature can be enabled in tandem with whitelisting or as a standalone solution for managing limits on a campaign.
An optional whitelist can be used for any project/profile with an additional option of removing from the whitelist after a successful mint. Whitelisting will whitelist the entire wallet for complex/long addresses. With all non-auction type campaigns, you can fine tune your whitelist per wallet address entered, defining individual limits for transaction and NFT quantity, or campaign defaults.
Support to launch a project or campaign of any scale. Whether minting a single NFT, a handful, thousands or tens of thousands, makes no difference.
As opposed to a 3rd party/centralized website service or custodian, this dApp gives you full control over your keys and your entire project. The royalty registry is also completely decentralized and smartcontract based, meaning only YOU can make changes.
The dApp can either be used with your wallet/policy keys on the same device running the dApp, or you can choose to generate them in the dApp. Because the dApp is decentralized it will generate your wallet and policy keys on your device and store them locally. Your wallet and policy keys are NEVER stored, received from, or sent to any remote node or server.
Minting can occur at your buyer's wallet address from where they sent their payment or at a particular address set for a project/campaign.
Configure your project to mint NFTs from your collection in ascending, descending, or random order..regardless if it is minting a single NFT per payment or several.
With full support for both Pinata and Blockfrost, preparing your images is as simple as telling the dApp what folder they are in and waiting for them to process and upload to your pinning service provider.
Built-in functions, including blacklisting and whitelisting, can be configured to provide fairly adequate whale resistant measures to help you run a fairly distributed NFT campaign.
NFT json files are optionally autogenerated from PNG images in the background when you setup your project (you can bring your own prepared). No need to structure individual JSON files for each image.
Payments received that do not match the criteria for a "qualified" minting payment, either due to incorrect amount or timing, will be automatically refunded to the sender.
Mint any native token as a "one-off", great for custom minting of a few from a collection, preminting a handful of NFTs, minting non-NFT tokens, etc. Can be minted with a standalone policy ID or assigned to an unlocked policy ID you own.
In preparation for the future releases of MintedWithLovelace, every minting project/profile you create in the dApp will be registered in MintedWithLovelace SmartContract Registry. This registry will be used for enforcing royalty payments in the secondary marketplace of the MintedWithLovelace dApp (releasing in 2022).
This is a "dApp" afterall, emphasis on the little "d" and the Alpha version will only run on a full node.
This release will feature a very easy to use, guided command line interface (Terminal). We're working on a GUI Release for v. 1.4 beta (*date tba)
(coming soon) - MintedWithLovelace is coded in pure Python with integration for Cardano CLI and Cardano Node, and will run on almost any desktop environment with Python 3.5 or greater support and the latest Cardano node and cli installed. As soon as we open our sourcecode, any OS will be able to compile the dApp.
Having multi-campaign support means you can setup several unrelated project launches using seperate wallet/policy keys and different policy IDs...or setup several "campaigns" within a single policy ID targeting different NFTs in your collection, different amounts, different quantity types, presale with whitelist vs public sale no whitelist, etc.
Run a single project/campaign or run several simultaneously with different/compatible parameters. (*while MintedWithLovelace is very low impact on CPU and memory, some limitations may apply with regard to hardware specs)
Important transaction data (successful tx's, failed tx's, timestamps, payer addresses/amounts/tx hashes, etc) and any alerts or errors are all logged into the appropriate profile being run.
Pre-configure and deploy your project on Testnet first, then simply "flip a switch" to deploy on mainnet.
A simple 1 ADA fee is taken from each auto-mint transaction, in realtime (no upfront fee), and goes to pay for development (MintedWithLovelace is a development first community project, no prefunding, no catalyst, no private investors). Refunds, manual mints, royalty mints, etc do not invoke a fee.