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coming december 2021
MintedWithLovelace v.0.1-alpha
a decentralized NFT marketplace app
Following is a feature list for the Alpha release of MintedWithLovelace, a Cardano dApp to be released this coming December 2021. To see what additional features are in development, keep an eye out for our roadmap which we'll publish soon.
Launch Your NFT Project Mint-on-Demand Run a fully automated mint-on-demand NFT sale (or auction) directly from your computer and with full ownership over the wallet/keys. When anyone sends the specified amount, one of your NFTs will mint immediately at their address. You can even add tx-related data to the metadata on-the-fly, such as the buyers address embedded into html or attribute. Most of the following features are related to this broad feature. Full Ownership/Full Control As opposed to a 3rd party/centralized website service, this dApp gives you full control over your keys and your entire project. The royalty registry is also completely decentralized and smartcontract based, meaning only YOU can make changes. Scale Any Size Project Setup your project of 1 or a few NFTs, or thousands Mint-at-Buyer Option Minting can occur at your buyer's wallet or a wallet of your choosing Smart Whitelisting An optional whitelist can be used for any project/profile with an additional option of removing from the whitelist after a successful mint. Whitelisting will whitelist the entire wallet for complex/long addresses! Sale and Auction Modes Run your NFT project using a set price, a range, or an auction-style Random or Ordered Minting Configure your project to mint a random NFT from your collection or mint in either ascending or descending order Integrated Wallet & Policy Keys *optional Not only is MintedWithLovelace a decentralized NFT marketplace app, it is also a wallet dapp (limited in Alpha version). When you setup a new project/profile, you can choose to generate your wallet and policy keys using the dapp. You still own your key files, it just makes it easier! Automated IPFS Image Processing and Pinning With full support for both pinata and blockfrost, preparing your images is as simple as telling the dapp what folder they are in and waiting for them to process and upload to your pinning service provider. Choose Between IPFS or 100% On-chain SVG & HTML Run your NFT project using PNG images, pinned on IPFS, or using SVG images and HTML content for 100% on-chain minting (capability limited based on image size) Automated JSON File Generation NFT json files are autogenerated in the background when you setup your project. No need to structure individual JSON files for each image. Auto-Refunding w/ Optional Fees When you setup your project, depending on the parameters you set, payments received that do not match the criteria will be automatically refunded to the sender. You can also set to deduct a refund fee. Native Token Fee Replacement for Auctions *optional Allow your users the option of sending your native token along with bids for auction style campaigns, wherein they will be refunded their ADA fee if theirs is not a winning bid(s). 100% On-Chain Auction Support Using your own native token, you can run an auction which provides "hints" in the form of your native token, sent when a bid does not reach the reserve price. Manual Minting Mint any native token as a "one-off", great for custom minting of a few from a collection, preminting some NFTs, minting non-NFT tokens, etc. Can be minted standalone or assigned to a policy ID you own. Decentralized SmartContract Registry In preparation for the future releases of MintedWithLovelace, every minting project/profile you create in the dapp will be registered in MintedWithLovelace SmartContract Registry. This registry will be used for enforcing royalty payments in the secondary marketplace of the MintedWithLovelace dApp (releasing in 2022). Sell or Swap (secondary market) Single Sale (SmartContract or Wallet-to-Wallet) Setup a simple NFT or non-NFT Token Swap either using your own smartcontract, a built-in smartcontract which autocompiles when you setup, or just wallet-to-wallet. In all cases the buyer just needs to send your Cardano address the amount required and the swap will occur instantly. Token Exchange (SmartContract or Wallet-to-Wallet) Setup a your own micro-dex, making a Cardano native token available on-demand when N amount of ADA is received. This can be a set amount or an "exchange rate" (e.g. 100 tokens per 1 ADA) Additional Features Entirely Decentralized This is a "dapp" through and through! Alpha version will only run on a full node. Easy Guided Command-line Interface GUI Releases in v. 1.0 beta (date tba) Multi-OS Support MintedWithLovelace is coded in Python 3 and will run on almost any desktop environment with Python 3.5 or greater! Multiple Profiles Launch one or many NFT projects, Perform "one-off" Minting Associated With a Profile or Standalone, Run a Live Blockchain-based NFT Auction, Setup a Token Swap or Decentralized Exchanger, Run a Simple Transaction Logger. Detailed Profile-specific Logging Important transaction data or errors are all logged into the appropriate profile running. Testnet Mode Configure and deploy your project on Testnet first with very minimal reconfiguration required to deploy on mainnet. Transaction Logging-Only Mode Monitors a given Cardano address for all transactions, logging the date, sender address, amount.
MintedWithLovelace Roadmap
Following is a rough draft of our roadmap
Beta - Launching Spring 2022 Full-fledged Decentralized SmartContract-Driven Secondary Market Sell NFTs in MintedWithLovelace fully decentralized secondary market, with royalties built-in. Browse and buy, list and sell. Improved Primary Market/NFT Launchpad Along with the above changes, more options, flexibility, and in-app action support will be included for launching a project or just minting a single NFT or launching a coin. These include improved attribute prep, image prep and support, HTML customization, demo/test runs, and a lot more. Manage royalties Creators can update royalty payment settings. SmartContract secured. A GUI! Say goodbye to cli. We are building graphical user interface! Improved Device Support We will strive for full desktop and mobile support! Lite-mode While we strive to be totally decentralized, practically there are many who would like to use the dApp without running a full node. In addition, for the mobile apps we'll need to implement off-device nodes. MintedWithLovelace Token An important part of the ecosystem and functionality of this dApp is the integration and use of a dedicated native token. A few more surprise features as well! <3